Perfection is when we leave the room. Not one minute earlier. What does this mean? At Assure Interiors Inc., we are involved with every single aspect of the interior design process - from spatial planning to construction to interior design - and we are meticulously involved with every single detail. Not until we feel the space looks perfect do we call a project “finished.” This careful attention to detail is what our clients love about us, and what makes Assure Interiors such a pleasant and professional partner during any design project.

Style is very personal, so at Assure Interiors Inc. we don’t just cut and paste. Every single project we take on receives personalized attention every step of the way. We thoroughly evaluate the client’s needs and desires for their space and then create a design that achieves a beautifully natural balance of form and function, with elegant furnishings, fresh colors and just the right lighting.

Founded in 2000 by interior designer consultant Carola Pimentel, Assure Interiors Inc. specializes in both residential and commercial spaces and approaches each project with a fresh eye and keen sense of style. Modern minimalism best describes Assure’s décor style, but we also work with every genre from classic to tropical. More important than focusing on a particular style, is being able to work with the client and creating a space that will function well for its purpose and also feel stylishly timeless. All of our residential projects reflect the homeowner’s lifestyle and personal taste. At the commercial level, our projects exemplify a sophisticated environment, where careful attention is given to merchandising, visual planning, lighting design and the selection of furnishings.

Our portfolio of residential design projects includes homes and condominiums in South Florida, New York and the Dominican Republic. Commercial projects include Toff Boutique in Miami Beach and Destination Shops in Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Ft. Lauderdale. Assure Interiors Inc. has also acted as a design consultants on various nightclub and restaurant projects.

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